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All it takes is a visit to any hi-fi show and you will see enough evidence to try, convict, sentence and execute every single audiophile of the sin of that particular sentiment.The evidence is right there in the very gear that we covet.

Eddy currents plus high capacitance can cause a cable to sound overly "relaxed." The particular type of coloration caused by eddy-currents is dependent on the materials, construction techniques and the geometric configuration of the cable.

The Au24 cables exhibit extremely low eddycurrent resistance.

If they could be seen, eddy-currents would look like swirling water in a river.

This late arriving, opposing voltage disrupts the original signal by inducing a time-smearing artifact. Cables that sound "detailed" or "powerful in the bass" are usually victims of high eddy-currents.

Phone Stages: Goldnote Pamphili (main reference), Blue Circle Fon Lo Thingee, Musical Fidelity V3, and Koetsu Step up transformer.


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