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In such cases, a holistic perspective of strategy and execution is required. We often treat strategy and execution as separable disciplines, each with its own distinct, and constant, character.But as we have shown in , different strategic environments require different approaches to strategy and execution.The offer was implemented so “successfully” that the company could meet neither the demand for vacuum cleaners nor the cost of the flights.

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Peter Drucker said: “Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.” This and a slew of similar maxims reflect a common view of strategy execution: that it’s distinct from strategy, harder to pull off than defining a strategy, and therefore more critical to success—underpinned by seemingly indisputable virtues such as diligence, discipline, consistency, alignment, and focus.

But such a simplistic view of execution can be misleading and can reduce actual impact.

Businesses can be equally complex: a diversity initiative, for example, might include some compulsory training, but if this triggers sentiments of resistance and skepticism, it can be self-defeating.

Every action can change perceptions, motivations, and actions, such that a list of individually plausible actions can easily create the opposite of the intended effect.

A nascent technology business might require an adaptive approach and a stable commodity business might require a classical, planning-based approach.