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In 2009, the Bellingham Herald trumpeted O’Neill’s plan to create Blackfish Resort.

He said at the time he hoped to start construction in 2010 and have the resort open by spring 2012. “I ran out of money,” concedes O’Neill, who holds a contract to develop the property and is in talks with investors. My whole life savings have gone into this.” He hopes to have the necessary building permits secured soon and a sod turning perhaps by year end.

More recently, as the value of the Canadian dollar dictates, they’ve also come to collect online purchases from shipping and receiving outlets, some so close to the border that individuals can walk across to get their parcels. citizen who’s lived in Point Roberts for 25 years and has a finger in all the big projects, believes Chinese buyers could be the economic saviour for the 13-square-kilometre peninsula.

Today, a new wave of foreigners is hitting the scenic shores of Point Roberts, south of Tsawwassen — Chinese investors, buying up a marina, golf course and waterfront property for housing developments. Businessman Wayne Knowles, an investor in Seabright Farm, a seaside housing development, says a new wave of Chinese investors could finally awaken Point Roberts, Wash., from its long economic slumber.“I believe so, thank goodness,” he said.

Point Roberts has always had economic ups and downs, but little ultimately changes.