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They just took my money maybe 10 minutes before my checking.They took 28.99 and i call the bank at 7 a.m and i said someone took my money in my account without my permission. So i changed my account and after the money that this fucking website took has been added to my new account.Lets all put a stop to these A--H---S and we will soon have them all shut down.

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This fraud has been reported to my financial institution and the card has been cancelled. Watch this instructional video ( J6YHe E ) of my own personal call to cancel my account before reoccuring billing first, AND read the instructions below for all nessisary information, I created both for the sole purpose of making sure is able to understand how to properly and completely cancel this repeat billing cycle (hopefully BEFORE it begins).

It is now also being investigated by the fraud department of my financial institution and the Australian Federal Police. i tell you i reported And willing to take it foward they been charging my account and I don't even know wth this is today i had to get new debit new accounts sad that theres plp in the world that dont hard working money😠😠😡😡😓 I have just noticed tonight that i have been charged repeatedly by this fraudulent company just like everyone else here WTF. Here's the video link, please open it in a new tab, as to refrain from losing this information, all of which is NOT all inclusive within the video, (this is a screen-capture video of my own personal account and repeat-billing cancellation call to the company), however watching the video reading these instructions should be the best way to go for nearly everyone...

If you'd like to express your thanks or just appreciate my assistance, please visit (which is my personal website, having literally nothing at all to do with this, lol I just launched it and I'm happy to see new views).

=' P Have a great 'repeat-charge-free' day everyone!

you have charged my acount in my bank With 299,-NOK....