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Prerequisite: ACCT 2301 with a minimum grade of "C" and sophomore standing Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer Analysis of theory and its applications in the areas of cash, temporary investments, receivables, inventories, plant and intangible assets, long-term investments, current liabilities and revenue recognition.

Prerequisite: ACCT 2301 with a minimum grade of "B" and ACCT 3370 with a minimum grade of "B".

Offered: Fall, Spring Combined academic and work components allow students to gain experience in the professional field of accounting.

Course supervised by a faculty member and appropriate personnel of the approved organization.

This course lays the foundation for the program of study by investigating current issues in the philosophy of higher education, namely: establishing academic, personal, and professionall goals for degree completion; introducing students to the portfolio process; and helping students to improve their abilities to think critically and to communicate more effectively.