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Ideal for everyone from the serious diver to the recreational snorkeler, this is a great combination of our best selling TM2 mask and our TS2 semi dry snorkel which has our new ‘Dolphin’ whistle housing. Sola fins ideal for bodyboarding or bodysurfing Fins have a streamline design, and provide excellent balance and a more powerful kick.*Fins leashes not included (sorry)The Low down Waterproof bags in super flexible, temperature stable fabric, ideal for stashing in your sea kayak hatch or any other vessel you fancy.

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Roll the top down 3 times to create an absolutely dry seal with D-rings for extra security at close (chuck a padlock through ’em if you want). Roll the top down three times & expel any excess air to create an absolutely dry seal.

Small sizes are great for little items like your posh electric car keys or your essential lighter. Colours vary according to the whims of the production department O'Neill has your mits covered for all seasons and all conditions!

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