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This is a hard one for my friends the evolutionist, Think of a city's recycling program.

Let's say the project wants to shred origami objects to reuse the paper.

Kiku was discovered in 1990 by Luis Braun, an Italian fruit grower who was touring an orchard of Fuji apples in Japan, and noticed a branch on one tree had different-looking apples.

He went on to propagate examples in Italy and eventually created the KIKU® trademark.” source: https:// I have spoken with Graham Par at the nursery where I got my plants from and he confirmed that the cuttings all came from the same tree.

Then they produced a colorful diagram called "The evolution of proteases," showing trypsin, PAN, and the full-fledged proteasome, as if to mimic those outworn icons of evolution, the horse series and monkey-to-man parade.