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Because $125 million is more than the $100 million that Y expects to earn, Y would be better off financially if it did not compete with X in this market. In other words, the $120 million was not really ; it was just transferred from consumers to producers.

X would also be better off, since its current $400 million profit minus a $125 million payment to Y would exceed the $180 million profit it expects if Y enters the marketplace. By working together, X and Y have expanded the pie and created $120 million in value. Because such agreements restrain competition, the U. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) -- along with similar entities in other countries -- considers them illegal.

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How are organizations striking the balance between new initiatives and cost control?


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    432.) Perhaps to establish his credentials for command, Smith responds to the 1622 massacre of colonists in Jamestown with a vigorous assertion of his proven ability to handle the Indians, and he affirms Pocahontas as "the meanes to deliuer me [and who] thereby taught me to know their trecheries to preserue the rest." This slim sentence (in the 1622 edition but not in the 1620) seems to be the first verifiably public reference by Smith to the fabled rescue from captivity.

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    The tissue is usually minced, blended, or otherwise disrupted in a medium that is suitably buffered to maintain the normal acid–base balance of the tissue, and contains the ions required for many life processes, chiefly sodium, potassium, and magnesium.