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Sometimes the younger one will have an innocent Precocious Crush on the older one.

This trope does not generally apply if it's a parent-child relation between the two. Contrast May December Romance, in which there is a generation gap between romantic partners.

As for how they become friends, it could well be contrived circumstances that bring them together, or a shared life experience.

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Bad reviews alone do not make a controversial moment, and in fact some works can be well-regarded by critics and those who watched, read, or played the work, and not all works listed here are either laughably bad or just downright terrible.

Plot-related twists are generally not what makes up the category either, even if such cases are subjective.

Oktober 1959 in Koide, Landkreis Kitauonuma (heute: Uonuma), Präfektur Niigata) ist ein japanischer Schauspieler.

In Japan als Darsteller in Komödien, Dramen und Actionfilmen etabliert, trat er auch in mehreren Hollywoodfilmen, meist in prägnanten Nebenrollen, auf. 1978 ging er nach Tokio, um eine Schauspielkarriere zu beginnen.

Only, one is about twice, or even three times the other person's age!