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Hanno Koffler and Max Riemelt: both outstanding actors. Even though the films release was in 2013 we still receive messages from Free Fallers all over the world asking for a second part, offering their help, motivating us. After seeing the film so many times, after talking about it even more, it´s still like the story of Marc and Kay isn´t over yet.

Nevertheless: There are intermediate goals that are worth aiming for. The best script that has ever touched the face of earth. When the script is finished we are going to make all the necessary preparations and actually SHOOT THE FILM!

Achieving these goals will highly increase the chances of the film being made! And as soon as we are done with filming and postproduction you will finally be able to see FREE FALL 2 on screen, including you or your name, if you choose the fitting perks. In reality all these steps are going to take time and energy. We are absolutely positive: FREE FALL 2 is going to be an extraordinary film. Even though it's a sequel FREE FALL 2 is not just going to be a second Free Fall.

O episódio vinte e quatro da série também recebeu severo criticismo de ambas audiências japonesa e ocidental devido ao seu pobre estilo de animação, qual continuou ao longo de vários episódios comparado para seus anteriores episódios.

Entretanto, a Saga Champa foi elogiada por melhorar sua animação.

O produtor de Dragon Ball Kai e Resurrection ‘F’, Norihiro Hayashida, sentiu que o criticismo era exagerado.