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Let us help you and your family feel safe and secure. The LASSA hotline is answered by attorneys Monday through Friday from 9 am to 7 pm.

Sexual assault is any sexual contact that makes you feel uncomfortable, pressured, or forced.

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RAINN reports that nearly 70% of victims don’t inform the police and that a mere 25% of reported assaults eventually result in an arrest.

According to the National Institute of Justice, factors that commonly prevent women from reporting attacks include distrust of authorities and fear of blame.

Pandora's Project offers peer support to anyone who has been a victim of rape, sexual assault, or sexual abuse through our online support group, Pandora's Aquarium.

We believe that connecting with other rape and sexual abuse survivors is an important part of healing.

Whatever form sexual assault takes, it’s important for victims to realize that it’s not their fault. But sexual assault shouldn’t be regarded as ordinary or inevitable — by understanding and addressing the problem, we can about it. That’s encouraging, but our society still has a lot of work to do before we can list “sexual autonomy” among our national virtues.