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Regional administrations, numerous Members of Parliament and parts of the influential Mogadishu business community have openly opposed this stance.

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In June, Al-Shabaab also began an aggressive campaign of child recruitment, forcing hundreds of children into the group’s madrasa system.

Following the declaration of a pre-famine alert in February, Al-Shabaab’s continued ban on humanitarian operations and violent blockades of Government-held areas resulted in the displacement of more than 800,000 civilians.

Government ministries continue to bypass the Treasury Single Account at the Central Bank of Somalia, avoiding oversight of their revenues by the Federal Government’s fiscal authorities.

The misappropriation and misuse of public land in Mogadishu is ongoing, despite pledges from the previous administration to address the problem.

The printing of counterfeit Somali currency in Puntland continues to undermine economic stability and has prompted outbreaks of civil unrest.