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So after doing the computation we are a left with a percent satisfactory of person B.

The overall algorithm that OKCupid uses is to take the n-root of the product of person A’s percent satisfaction and person B’s percent satisfaction.

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Many would think these questions were based on matching people by their likes; it does often happen that people answer questions with opposite responses.

When two people disagree on a question asked, the next smartest move would be to collect data that would compare answers against the answers of the ideal partner and to add even more dimension to this data (such as including a level of importance).

: Let’s say you are person A and the person the computer is trying to match you with is person B.

The overall question would be: How much did person B’s answers satisfy you? The denominator is the total number of points that you allocated for the importance of what you would like.

“Like you use sentences to tell a person a story; you use algorithms to tell a story to a computer” (Rudder 2013).