singleportale kostenlos Darmstadt - Nobel prize for elucidating the molecular structure of dna

By feeding amino acids labeled with isotopic nitrogen to rats, it was discovered that the isotope was incorporated into many of the amino acids found in proteins of the liver and the gut, even though the total protein content of these tissues did not change.

This suggested that the proteins of these tissues exist in a dynamic steady state, in which relatively high rates of synthesis are counterbalanced by equal rates of degradation.

This procedure was used to show that isolated mitochondria catalyze the oxidation reactions of the TCA cycle and that these organelles also contain the enzymes of fatty acid oxidation.

The tissue is usually minced, blended, or otherwise disrupted in a medium that is suitably buffered to maintain the normal acid–base balance of the tissue, and contains the ions required for many life processes, chiefly sodium, potassium, and magnesium.

The tissue is either used directly—as was done by Krebs in elucidating, in 1937, the TCA cycle from studies of the respiration of minced pigeon breast muscle—or fractionated (i.e., broken down) further.

They cannot reveal, however, the details of the enzymatic steps involved.

Clues to the identity of the products involved, and to the possible chemical changes effected by component enzymes, can be provided in any of four ways involving studies with either whole organisms or tissues.

Tatum; their discoveries opened the field of biochemical genetics and first revealed the nature of the fine controls of metabolism.


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