Miami dating

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Do you have to flashy and wealthy to get any love or do you have to be a good dancer? dating in miami is miserable, and as far as "how are the women in miami", i don't think it would be fair to generalize and say "oh, women here are all money hungry tacky whores with no goals other than to marry a rich man".

many good women exist out here, just harder to find us (lol).

some people here are ruthless when it comes to newbies.

with that, i'll warn you that tons of singles here are into drugs, particularly marijuana and cocaine. Is this a good place to find someone special and eventually become serious with them?

i don't see a problem with smoking marijuana, but the cocaine thing is really annoying and prevalent in some social circles, particularly around the beach. What does the opposite sex expect from their counterparts in this vibrant and tropical paradise?