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The bot can even "guide" the user by automatically filling out parts of a form and so on.The backchannel closes the gap between client Java Script and bots.If Web Socket is not available, it will use GET polling. In the shared case, Web Chat and/or the page can send and/or receive activities.

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If you don't want to publish your Direct Line Secret (which lets anyone put your bot on their website), exchange that Secret for a Token as detailed in the Direct Line documentation and pass it to Direct Line as .

If you do choose to pass a Token instead of a Secret, you may need to handle scenarios where Web Chat has become disconnected from the bot and needs a fresh token to reconnect.

For more details, see Adaptive Web Chat strives to use responsive design when possible.

As part of this, Web Chat cards come in 3 sizes: narrow (216px), normal (320px) and wide (416px).

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