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27 and streaming now at, what it’s like to make music together after their breakup, and whether or not the Swell Season will keep going past this album. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How did you get from your 2008 Oscar win to making your new album, ? It’s like a really good pair of shoes — you can’t take them off, even though they stink. I’ve been really aware of how important it is to me to just stay in the moment and enjoy it while it lasts.

Working on the album with The National’s Thomas Bartlett gave Hansard the extra drive he needed at just the right time.

“No one plays like Thomas—he’s truly one of a kind,” he says.

We started touring a lot after the Oscars, because the opportunity was there.

Once we decided we were ready to go into the studio and see what happened, we just kind of did that in the midst of everything else. I had been in a band for so long and struggled to make things happen that when it actually eventually came, all I knew how to do was struggle. This might be the biggest moment of my life.” You’ve got to be realistic.

Mar, thankfully, was very grounding in that, because she’s younger and had been taking everything in her stride…You think that what you do after you win an award is break open some champagne and take a holiday. EW: Did you feel pressure to follow up the success of ? But it’s good to get back to doing what we do, which is making music. At least for me, what you put out is only a reflection of what’s on the inside. EW: Glen, do you still play that same beat-up acoustic guitar in concert?