Germans put homosexuals concentration camps

Despite a massive manhunt and national attention, there was no sign of the missing 12-year-old or her abductor for two months.Eventually, investigators found some children’s clothing in the northern...Some were not welcomed back to their homes in the aftermath of war for the 'shame' they had brought on their family's reputation.

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The Geneva-based aid agency, International Organization for Migration (IOM) was responsible for the introducing & handling the claims.

On May 17th 2002, the process was completed as thousands of homosexuals, who suffered under the Reich, were officially pardoned by the German government. German justice minister Hertha Daeubler-Gmelin told parliament, "We all know that our decisions today are more than 50 years late, they are necessary nonetheless.

He spoke of the "haunting agonizing cries" from "the singing forest", a row of tall poles on which condemned men were hung: "Everyone who was sentenced to death would be lifted up onto the hook.

The howling and screaming were inhuman, beyond human comprehension".

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