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He is currently a host for a TV show called “Top Gear” from 2016.

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These now-vintage cabinets are sometimes found to be in need of refurbishing to return them to their original glory and a new coat of paint often is all it takes. Lay tarps or plastic sheets over the flooring or other surfaces surrounding the cabinets.

If the cabinets are attached to the wall, use masking tape to secure newspaper onto the area to protect the walls.

Sidney Johns began her writing career in 1993 after moving to Florida.

The former teacher and surgical technician worked in the home improvement industry prior to earning a Bachelor of Science in education from Indiana University.

You should have assistance when you do this so that the doors will not fall and you will not lose your balance. Usually a cleaning solution of a gallon of hot water mixed with 2 tablespoons of degreaser will do the trick. Once you have done this, you can paint as needed or move on to the hinges.