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Now, the combination of folksy and trendy might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it was pleasant enough to my cynical eye. As is usual, pine is king, but the style is more upmarket than in many of its competitors. The beer garden is quiet and shady, with the surrounding buildings doing a wonderful job of excluding city noise. A large pub between the Town Hall and the Bavarian State Theatre.There's a fair bit of seating at the long bar, while the rest of the place is filled with long pine tables and benches. Oddly, though it's called Franziskaner, it sells Löwenbräu rather than Spaten beers.Yet another place to flee to when the Hofbruhaus drives you crazy. Anyone who has even heard the word Munich once in their lives has heard of this pub. We see the wood, tiles and lasses in dirndls laden with litre glasses that is standard in Munich beerhalls. It's the busloads of Japanese tourists gazing bemusedly at the half pigs lying on their plates that make the experience bizarre and slightly disturbing.

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Though, given the falling demand for beer in Germany, it's quite likely that some will be discontinued in the near future.

Paulaner has already announced its intention to dramatically pare down its range.

Munich beer is justly famous well beyond both the city's and Germany's borders.

Many of the technological innovations which gave rise to modern industrial lager brewing took place here.

Sadly, though the history of the pub stretches back to 1315, the current structure doesn't date from before 1945. The interior is like a cross between a beerhall and a rather grand old station buffet.