Sexi chat na bosanskom - Dating during divorce and kids

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Happy families with cute kids are great, but a newly single, smokin' hot mom who can weigh in on all things lifestyle and is about to embark on all sorts of new adventures, such as dating? "It's really nice right now because I don't know what's coming next, and it's cool," she said.

And while it wouldn't necessarily have to be a lifestyle or house show, she'd rather avoid any -style drama.

She can insist nothing's changed that much all she wants, but when you reach a point where you feel as though you're spending more time with your hair and makeup artist than anyone else... Luckily for El Moussa, her hair and makeup artist is also her best friend, Pink Dust Cosmetics founder Shannon Rhodes."She's like a jack of all trades," Christina told E!

News last month as Rhodes prepped her ahead of a photo shoot for the new line of sunglasses she collaborated on for DIFF Eyewear. We always make each other laugh." Happy Birthday to the gorgeous @shanrbeauty ...

"I don't want the whole arguing-type thing," she concluded. I'm very low-key."So along with having fresh opportunities, Christina El Moussa is under the microscope like never before as well.