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(0x00) Signal= 100.00% C/N= 0.00% post BER= 0 (0x00) Signal= 100.00% C/N= 0.00% post BER= 0 (0x00) Signal= 100.00% C/N= 0.13% post BER= 0 (0x00) Signal= 100.00% C/N= 0.11% post BER= 0 Lock (0x1f) Signal= 100.00% C/N= 0.12% post BER= 0 A signal is detected but the channel scan fails because the ISS stream does not contain Program Map Tables, unlike commercial satellite TV broadcasts.Since we specified the PIDs manually we can retrieve the MPEG Transport Stream anyway: # dvbv5-zap -l STANDARD -c ISS -r using demux '/dev/dvb/adapter0/demux0' reading channels from file 'iss.chan' ERROR command MODULATION (4) not found during store tuning to 11255000 Hz video pid 256 dvb_set_pesfilter 256 audio pid 257 dvb_set_pesfilter 257 ...Since May 2015 amateur radio operators can receive digital video directly from the International Space Station (ISS), at considerably higher quality than with earlier modes such as slow-scan TV.

I tested it during an overhead pass of the ISS and could barely see the signal.

It is unclear whether the LNA has too much attenuation at 2395 MHz or whether the antenna itself does not have enough gain.

Similar antennas are also available for recreational boats, presumably with faster actuators.

I am building a motorized swivel-and-fork mount for the 24 d B antenna and also investigating other options.

Amateurs typically use the same standards as mainstream digital TV broadcasts: DVB-S (satellite) and DVB-T (terrestrial).


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