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ZONING Any successful zoning scheme which purports to create and attain a single-family zoning district must contain a definition of family. This line of family definition cases has followed a very traditional path of analysis.

Courts have carefully looked for some reasonable relationship between the zoning regulation and the goals sought to be achieved by the regulation.

NEW YORK STATE UNIFORM FIRE PREVENTION AND BUILDING CODE Many local officials and citizens are concerned with the administration and enforcement of zoning and building laws. In many municipalities, the building inspector may wear several “hats” and may be charged with enforcing zoning regulations, State and local building codes and related regulations.

In larger municipalities, the various enforcement tasks may be divided among the building inspector, the zoning enforcement officer and perhaps, a number of other officers or employees.

The factors which must be considered by the Zoning Administrator are whether the group: , 201 A. For those municipalities which have enacted or are considering adopting definitions of family similar to that of the City of Poughkeepsie, this case lends constitutional support to those efforts. Another technique is to correlate the number of occupants to the size of the structure occupied (e.g., by setting a maximum number of persons for a specified floor area, or requiring a given floor area per resident). Their purpose is to protect health and safety by preventing overcrowding.