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The first step is to update the program, as support for Syzygy is a new addition.

Click on File at the top left, the Activation, and then Update Program If the program is not up-to-date, click yes, otherwise, skip to the next step Now click on File, and choose Options as above In the Options pane that opens, click on the Tablebases tab, as above, and then click on More... Bear in mind, you should not install more than one kind.

12/12/2013 – Although chess endgame tablebases are nothing new, many users still do not use them, not because they are unaware of their benefits or existence, but because acquiring them and installing them became an unnecessarily complicated stumbling block.

This guide hopes to clarify the various aspects of what they are, how to acquire them and, naturally, how to install them.

At the half way point of the Blitz Championship, the defending champ Sergey Karjakin leads with 9 / 11.