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However, once I figured out this routine, I could get the itching to stop completely within an hour or less, and then go back to sleep. While the fracture healed, my exercise routine had to change, but it didn’t disappear completely!My usual routine (after the first two weeks) was: walking , stationary biking, stretching, and modified belly dancing–isolated to just the lower body. For a complete listing of the supplements I take to reverse osteoporosis and build bone density, check out my article, “What I’m Taking Now and Why.” 10. There are certain stages of healing that are common to the majority of shoulder fractures.

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Your partner is going to have to be v-e-r-y gentle and careful of your injury, but it’s wonderfully consoling and strengthening to enjoy that special closeness at a time when you are struggling in other areas of life.

Having several pillows handy can be helpful in finding a comfortable position for lovemaking.

It wasn’t what I was I was used to, but it was better than moping and laying around all day. As you reach each of these milestones, celebrate your progress and give thanks for your continued healing!

Exercise can really lift your spirits, even when you’re recovering from an injury. Eat a balanced diet that includes the recommended amount of calcium, and consider taking supplements that provide nutrients for bone-building. Initial treatment at the ER Initial visit to the orthopedic doctor Discontinuing prescription pain medication Permission to begin extending and flexing the forearm while holding the elbow Permission to bend at the waist and allow arm to hang and to rotate passively in a circle Permission to begin passive movement of the shoulder area by having a friend or family member move the forearm to the front, back, and side.

Everyone likes being independent and capable, but right now you need to accept your limitations and seek help.