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Souji was sent away because his illness got worse, but he later showed up to confront Hijikata about Kondo's death.He was last seen protecting Hijikata from rogue samurais, and turned into ashes after killing all the rogues. Saito is the leader of the Third Division who is a master of the left hand sword technique and is a skilled swordsman who evens Okita's skills.At the end of the anime series he either dies from a combination of the Water of Life and wounds that he attained through a battle with Chikage Kazama, or he lives (as suggested by the fact that his body didn't disappear). But hinted that he's still alive as wiping Chizuru's tear and saying her name while smiling at her. Okita is the First Division Captain and a peerless swordsman.

He too has taken the Water of Life to recover from injuries. Harada is the Tenth Division Captain and prefers the spear to the sword, but he is seen carrying both.

In the anime he has a fierce rivalry with Kyō Shiranui, pitting his spear against Shiranui's pistol. Shinpachi is the Second Division captain of the Shinsengumi.

She is the wielder of a short sword which is a mate to with Kaoru's katana. Hijikata is the Vice-commander of the Shinsengumi and makes most of the Shinsengumi's decisions.

He is called Oni-fukuchou (Demon Vice-commander) and is both feared and respected by his men. Hijikata is the one who brought Chizuru back to the Shinsengumi headquarters the night she witnessed a Rasetsu on the loose that attacked two men chasing her.

In time, as the Shinsengumi aid the shogunate in the Bakufu, Chizuru begins to develop a bond with the Shinsengumi and its aloof member Toshizo Hijikata.