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The release of this film got bumped up and sped up because of last weeks release of #83 “Brotein Shake: Matt and Adam’s Special Blend”. Adam, as you read in his profile was a tough one to finally get on film, and when he did none of us could have predicted what I was able to bring out of him.

Frankly I am not too into using the word “Bromance” in a serious way but it does describe that special bond, that chemical comfort level and genuine connection between 2 guys.

Here's to the chance to more of Matt breeding Adam!

Im getting hard as I'm typing this just thinking about how hotttt this video was. They hit it off right away and brought new meaning to kissing.

I almost busted without warning because that just tells you how into it they both were. Love this scene and can't wait to explore more of this site in the days to come.